We are currently offering these workshops to the general public and organizations upon request. We understand the needs of Schools/Businesses/Families differ substantially and are open to customizing curriculum based on those unique needs.

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Mindful parenting: From curiosity to connection

The digital revolution has led us to a world where we can get an answer to just about anything in under a minute. While this has made life more comfortable, it has removed much of the curiosity and human connection involved in discovering an answer. What’s even more important than getting an answer is asking the right question. Curiosity is the foundation for learning/growth and something we have an abundance of as kids. However, as adults, curiosity is something we often lose touch with by participating in our culture of speed. It’s time we rekindle the curiosity of the kid inside of us to connect more deeply with our values, our kids and our communities. We will discuss ways that we can approach our lives by asking the right questions, accepting life's uncertainty and prioritizing love.


Designing your life for happiness

We are all designers in this life and we have been gifted with more than enough tools to create a better version of ourselves. Many of us have to work in order to sustain ourselves but the idea of work/life balance is a dated idea that no longer serves our well-being. During this workshop, we will provide practical tools to help you find harmony in your life through focus on work, love, play and health. We will dig into what brings you joy and guide you through creating intentional habits that you can easily integrate into a busy schedule. Ultimately, YOUR HAPPINESS is connected to the happiness of all other living beings. 

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How to talk to your teen about tech

Is your teen on their phone “too much”? Are you concerned with how they socially interact with their peers? At this time in history, online presence and exposure is a big part of all our lives. Sometimes, it can feel difficult to relate to our younger generations but cultivating curiosity about why they are engaging in this way is key. In this workshop we will focus on what the internet is helping teens with and the possible risks. We will practice good ways to facilitate productive conversations about technology and build community around these issues.