Helping Awesome Parents Parent Intentionally

All parents want the same thing for themselves and their children: to be happy. The problem is that the world is constantly pulling us out of the present.  Whether it's work, school, getting dinner together or the battle of the nightly routine - by the end of the day we're exhausted. On top of that, our haphazard internet use disconnects us from our immediate communities and competes for our attention more than ever leaving us with high levels of stress, anxiety, fear, isolation and burnout. 

Enter HAPPI: a community of like-minded parents that empowers its members to be authentic as a way of driving personal growth to becoming even better mentors for the next generation.  

Through exclusively inclusive content we will offer opportunity for parents to relate to other people and organizations with similar goals, online or offline, through story-telling, interviews, podcasts, habit-changing tools and other resources. 

Topics will include: using technology mindfully, practicing self-care, creating intentional habits, family & community engagement, emotional and digital intelligence.

People have always said that children are the future. We've been saying that so long, we forget that the children are also the past and right NOW. Think of all the brilliant minds that never had an opportunity to showcase their unique genius to the world. So what are we doing to learn from the past and connect to our kids right NOW? 

Learn from the past, live in the present and create your future.
— Joel Brown