Time Well Spent

We believe in the need for a world designed humanely and we believe that begins with technology serving us instead of distracting us. As a practical philosophy, it means discovering what we need most, what we value most and embodying those values to design a life of Time Well Spent. The content we create will reflect how we embody this value.

Everyone’s a student and a teacher

This is really a mindset of being open and actively listening. By bringing curiosity and asking questions, every situation becomes an opportunity to learn or teach and this is especially true with children. Ultimately, all education is self-education and when we have time to reflect on what we’re taught, we gain a deeper understanding of our ourselves and each other.

We are nature

The human mind and body are a remarkable part of nature’s intelligent design. In our haste to produce and consume, we have neglected the care all these systems need. The more we take care of ourselves, the more that ripples out to our kids and communities, creating positive change for all living things.

We live in a culture of speed, but we all know the most rewarding things take time. The only thing we have control over in this fast paced world is our thoughts, words and actions. Practicing patience with ourselves and each other on this long, winding road of life is critical to our growth.

Patience is progress

The fact that you have the ability to read this message online means that you are more privileged than many other humans on this planet. We must recognize that no matter how difficult things get, there is always something we can be grateful for. Whenever you feel it, do not be afraid to show it! It's the only way we can teach our children. There is a big difference between entitlement and privilege -- that difference is gratitude.

Attitude of Gratitude

Every human being wants a safe place where they can be themselves while belonging to a community that supports them. Unfortunately, many people, especially kids, lack that sense of belonging and use technology (among many other things) as a way to fill that need for human connection. Does that mean we should stop using technology, of course not.  We all need to learn to be responsible digital and global citizens with the intention of building communities that are diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Connection with intention