Why Sea Turtles?

When Sea Turtles hatch, they instinctively know their purpose -- make it to the shore! The moon is the natural light that guides them to their destination. We believe that humans are no different, except the guiding light lies inside us and we call it our intuition. The shore symbolizes our purpose -- to be present. Young children know this innately and are present at all times, it is not until they are conditioned into our system that they lose sense of who they are.

The sand in the logo represents remembering where we came from and the water represents having an intention for the future. However, it is our belief that the further we get away from the natural light inside us, the more we can dwell in the regret of our past or get lost in the anxiety of the future. So let's remind ourselves of the wisdom that children teach us -- Don't Worry. Be. 


Let's rattle off a few other reasons why Sea Turtles are so RAD! 

  • They live to be old and wise

  • They swim with the current (GO WITH THE FLOW)

  • They are comfortable on land and underwater 

  • They undergo long migrations between beaches i.e. they know good livin' 

(NOTE: This non-profit is still about Parenting)